WooCommerce is reputed for being the world’s most customizable ecommerce platform.

WooCommerce is an open source plugin that can convert a wordpress site to an online store.

  • WooCommerce has been trusted by agencies and store owners due to its simplicity to install, scope of customization and a free open source base product.
  • Some of the advantages that make WooCommerce a popular choice is that it is free, open source, user friendly, extensible, ability to alter themes without technical expertise, smartphone compatibility and possibility of using plugins for a variety of functionalities.
  • The basic advantage of WooCommerce With WooCommerce all types of B2B and B2C sales are possible from selling apparel or any other consumer products to booking vacation rentals or any other such products.
  • The advantage of using WooCommerce as a platform is its ability to add as a shopping cart into the already existing WordPress site.
Market research shows that the current 2020 market share for WooCommerce is 26 percent of the top 1 million sites using e-commerce technologies

Professional help to build an online store makes a difference

PointBlue Technologies eCommerce consultants can help you decide which platform is right for your business. When it comes to deciding which one is best for your business it can be challenging as it requires real life research to measure the pros and cons depending on the nature of the business and the cost considerations.

The team at PointBlue Technologies can guide customers through the installation of software and begin basic store functionality. Subsequently, extensions and customization is required to design the store as per business requirements.

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