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  • SharePoint is not just a document sharing and storage software. It is much more a rich platform than just file sharing and documentation. There are many other important features such as content personalization, intranet content, workflows, reporting services, key performance indicators dashboards, communities, media gallery and the like. As such, comprehensive training to employees is essential to increase user adoption and engagement of employees.
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We help meet your goals with customized SharePoint training modules as per your requirements


PointBlue technology with its team of SharePoint specialists arrange training sessions remote or onsite to the users, administrators or developers from beginner to advanced levels.
PointBlue team arranges training sessions depending on the user’s requirement of functionality in line with their business, level of expertise and adaptability.
PointBlue Team provides one to one interaction models are the best platform for an optimum learning experience.
PointBlue team provides guidance that helps employee to use available SharePoint tools to there benefits.

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