OpenCart is considered to be the best free and open-source ecommerce platform to create, operate and scale businesses.

OpenCart is an ecommerce platform which is a full fledged framework to start selling online.

  • OpenCart with its shopping functionality can build an interactive user interface and can make the online store search engine friendly.
  • Opencart is an open sourced product it is free of cost and also the add ons usually come at a minimum fee thereby making it a cost effective option.
  • Easy customization, providing a range of themes, multi language support, support of third party integration extensions, setting up different currency, languages, taxes etc for different locations, advanced reporting system are some of the attractive features that make OpenCart a very popular tool.

Professional help to build an online store makes a difference

PointBlue Technologies helps to  set up an online store and live up to its fullest potential by providing professional service for seamless running and also handles the issues of upgradations and security.

The technical team of PointBlue Technologies installs, selects templates and products so that customer is ready to start accepting orders.

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