Odoo is an open source eCommerce website builder that enables a user to manage and add products into a website.

Odoo is the best ERP solutions you can trust to run a business successfully. With the latest 10.000+ apps in, Odoo covers all your business goals in a one-stop solution. This software is a complete suite for business applications and offers:

  • For the small and medium sized online sellers Odoo is a favourable eCommerce solution to add features into the online selling website like adding product attributes such as colours or sizes, cross selling to customers, integrating with Amazon and eBay etc.
  • It can also integrate with payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and others, it can manage dropship operations and perform inventory management . Also Odoo can create a very customer friendly site from the user’s perspective.
  • From design and configuring features to Integrated Tools, Payment and shipping methods, Billing and Accounting to a high graded shopping experience Odoo is an all encompassing tool that covers all company needs. It is easy to use fully integrated software for online business.

Odoo apps are perfectly integrated allowing you to automate your business processes fully.​

PointBlue Technologies team of eCommerce experts are there to guide the customer through finding the most appropriate platform for building an online store.
PointBlue effortlessly creates custom designs for product pages to highlight website contents, drag and drop building blocks on a basic template to put the adequate designs in place and give the best online store experience.
PointBlue Technologies facilitates customization on the website by incorporating features that increases the average cart revenue.
PointBlue team gives a designer touch to every product page to fit into the company’s unique style and ideology.

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