Magento an open-source eCommerce platform to build online store that meets your expectations

  • 1. Magento is an opensource tool that has incredible features and creates high performance websites.
  • 2. Magento offers a great range of capabilities such as a range of themes and templates, product catalogue, custom product pages, shopping cart, checkout and many other functionalities which are free to use.
  • 3. It is a flexible platform that allows unlimited customizations, extensions and integration with other web API’s and other business systems to function efficiently in cohesiveness.

PointBlue Technologies is a reliable service provider based in the Greater Toronto Area for all kinds of Magento Development


PointBlue Technologies provides a high rated Magento Development service to fully implement or customize the customer’s website for online selling.

Our Magento certified developers both frontend and backend will work to build and improve Magento websites

PointBlue technologies are a trusted partner to help you through any kind of Magento 1/ 2 development issues that can cause a hindrance for you to move on into your sales.

PointBlue Technologies cost considerations are based on project size, its complexity and the resources required for implementation.

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