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  • 1. In a customer centric eCommerce world customizing a website to being more mobile friendly and thereby increase consumer experience is vital.
  • 2. Magento customization is essential for making good impressions on the shoppers and to retain them all throughout their shopping journey.
  • 3. Magento customization is a specialized area that involves a complex system of customizations that consists of functions such as template tuning to make changes to logo, images, banners, header, various links, aesthetic modifications.

PointBlue Technologies is a reliable service provider based in the Greater Toronto Area for all kinds of Magento Development


PointBlue Technologies Magento
team is expert in incorporating customizations for B2B and B2C business models.
With our years of experience, we help unlock the full potential of not only built in Magento features and third party tools that are compatible with the platform.
Our coding team develop highly inspiring features such as convincing visuals to bring forward an online store with a difference.

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