CS-Cart is an eCommerce software that is designed to create an online marketplace.

CS-Cart is a multi vendor marketplace and self hosted eCommerce platform.

  • The CS- Cart multi-vendor has over 500 handy features for both vendors and marketplace owners that makes this tool different from the rest of the available marketplaces.
  • CS- Cart has 100% open source code and is highly customizable. It is a highly flexible shopping cart software that can accomodate a large number of vendors, take payments, upload and edit products and engage the customers. It has a stylish looking user interface that makes it extraordinary and outstanding.
  • CS-Cart has different editions such as CS-Cart Ultimate and CS-Cart Multivendor. CS-Cart is a licensed multi-vendor software with technical support and professional upgrades.

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PointBlue Technologies can help create ecommerce sites that are comprehensive, have unlimited storefronts and all can be controlled using a single administrative panel.
PointBlue Technologies can help you grow your business online by empowering the website with ecommerce functionalities such as display and stock products, manage storefront or control inventory, register customers, receive payments, control delivery of products etc.
PointBlue Technologies will have a set of PHP developers to set up your website using CS-Cart. Balancing all of the available features to have the best outcome

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